Those in Peril

Book 1 in the Hector Cross Series

Hazel Bannock is the heir to the Bannock Oil Corp, one of the major oil producers with global reach. While cruising in the Indian Ocean, Hazel's private yacht is hijacked by African Muslim pirates. Hazel is not on board at the time, but her nineteen year old daughter, Cayla, is kidnapped and held to ransom. The pirates demand a crippling twenty billion dollar ransom for her release.

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He mounted his assault rifle to his shoulder and fired a three-shot burst into the thorn bush. The man who had been lying behind it leaped to his feet. He was turbaned and cloaked with his AK-47 slung over his shoulder and a small black box in his hand, from which dangled the thin red insulated cable.

'Bomb!' Hector screamed. 'Heads down!'

Some debts can only be paid in blood . . .

When Hazel Bannock, billionaire oil tycoon, discovers her daughter has been kidnapped by Al Qaeda pirates just off the coast of Somalia, she uses all the power at her disposal to rescue her daughter – but politics and diplomacy fail her at every turn.

Her only hope is her ex-military head of security, Hector Cross, an expert in surveillance, infiltration and combat. For all Hazel's connections and wealth, Cross is the one man who is offering to find her daughter.

Hazel and Cross must work together to bring Cayla home, but neither of them realise that the kidnappers are not merely interested in ransom – what they have planned is far, far worse . . .

The first Hector Cross thriller.


‘Those in Peril has much to recommend it … if you like your action plain, graphic and simple yet never entirely predictable, Smith will satisfy.
The Daily Express
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05/01/2018 9781499861167 Paperback $16
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This series of books by Wilbur Smith include Those in Peril, Vicious Circle and Predator and feature Hector Cross, a British security officer and ex member of the SAS.