That Wilbur Smith Show

A podcast celebrating the life and legacy of the legendary adventure writer Wilbur Smith

Spend the weekend with Wilbur!

In Series 2 of our podcast series, historian and Wilbur co-writer Tom Harper and author and Wilbur fan Christopher Winn celebrate Wilbur’s extraordinary life and work, and the exhilarating world of adventure that he created and inhabited. 

Together with a star-studded array of special guests, adventurers, historians, authors, academics and fans they explore the historical events that form the background to Wilbur's books, visit the places he brings so vividly to life and learn about the incredible exploits  and experiences that inspired Wilbur over a life time of writing and real life adventure.

So, with new episodes out every second Friday, starting March 8th, why not treat yourself and spend the weekend with Wilbur!

Join the Adventure. Listen to the podcast here.