Want to know more about Wilbur Smith and his incredible novels of adventure? The following questions are the most frequently asked.


What order should I read Wilbur Smith in?

Wilbur Smith wrote incredible novels filled with epic adventures that have been delighting fans for decades, working with his publishers to bring new adventures to readers which could be enjoyed in any order.

There are two preferred approaches that can be taken to reading the titles, which can be seen using the drop-down menu options on the Books page of this website.

Chronologically by date setting: Starting from the Ancient Egyptian era depicted in The New Kingdom and River God, through to a thrilling dystopian future as showcased in the exciting new series for teen readers, Prey Zone.

Publication date: Read from oldest to newest, or vice versa, starting with Smith’s debut bestseller When the Lion Feeds or with his most recent title.

You can also use these options within each series. For example, selecting the Courtney series from the drop-down menu and then filtering by publication date.

You can also download a poster of the Courtney series in chronological order here


How are Wilbur Smith novels still being published posthumously?

Wilbur Smith was a prolific writer, authoring over sixty novels during his career. His output was supported in later years by co-authors, to ensure the adventures he had planned out could be realised. Upon passing, he left behind a treasure-trove of published novels, as well as completed manuscripts and yet to be published co-authored books and outlines for future stories. The Wilbur Smith estate and his publisher, Bonnier Books UK, look forward to publishing these titles and working with the talented co-authors Wilbur selected to complete these unfinished works and share them with fans for many years to come.

If you’re curious about the process of co-authoring, you can read more about Tom Harper’s experience working with Wilbur to develop the Courtney series of titles here.

You can read more about the treasure trove of novels here.


When will the latest Wilbur Smith novel be published in my region / language?

Wilbur Smith is published globally so his fans across the world can enjoy his epic adventures. However, due to the time it takes to translate titles and scheduling differences, titles will often publish in different regions at different times. The best way to find out when new novels from the Master of Adventure will be available in your area is through your local publishers' website. Find yours here.


How do I buy Wilbur Smith in audiobook?

All Wilbur Smith audiobooks are available through Audible. Every effort is made to release new titles available as close to print publication date as possible.


I noticed an error while reading or on the website – who do I let know?

Please email wilbur.smith@myreadersclub.co.uk and we will fact-check and do our best to correct these in a timely manner. Please note that errors in physical editions will be corrected at the next printing.