The Seventh Scroll

Book 2 in the Ancient Egyptian Series

The Seventh Scroll. Nearly four thousand years old. A fading legacy from beyond the grave. Within it lie the clues to a fabulous treasure from an almost forgotten time. . .

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She glanced down at the drawer in which she kept all her floppy disks. That and all the other drawers had been pulled out and thrown on the floor. They were empty, of course; along with the disks, all her notebooks and photographs were missing. Her last connections with the seventh scroll were lost. After three years of work, gone was the proof it had ever existed.

A hunt for treasure. A battle to stay alive.

When Royan Al Simma is the victim of a vicious attack that leaves her husband dead, her only thought is that she must continue their joint work: to use the secrets of the seventh scroll to find the hidden tomb of Pharaoh Mamose, and its untold trove of lost Egyptian riches. To do so, she must bury her grief and partner with the eccentric aristocrat Nicholas Quenton-Harper, a man who shares her passion for the ancient world.

But the men who killed her husband are not yet finished. As Royan and Nicholas draw closer to the Pharaoh's tomb, enemies are gathering - people who will stop at nothing to ensure the scroll's promised treasures are kept from Roman's hands . . .

The second book in the epic Egyptian Series.


Throughout The Seventh Scroll, as in all Wilbur Smith novels, the plot twists and turns with constant surprises ... This old-fashioned adventure novel keeps the reader enthralled all the way to its very exciting conclusion.
The Washington Post Book World
A consummate sequel, The Seventh Scroll perfectly complements River God, its phenomenally popular precursor. Smith excels at action sequences, getting his attractive heroes and despicable villains into and out of hugely entertaining predicaments, all the while tossing off vivid descriptions, bits of historical detail, and classic low-key British banter.
This well-crafted novel is full of adventure, tension, and intrigue.
Library Journal
Intoxicating... A heady mix of exotic adventure, romance, and Egyptology. Smith is a master.
Publishers Weekly
The desert sandstorm couldn't get the pages turning faster than Smith.
The Independent on Sunday
Full-blooded, muscle-on-bone-crunching treasure hunt ... it is non-stop action and thrill.
The Daily Express
A rousing good sequel to River God that takes the immensely entertaining form of a high-tech treasure hunt ... A master storyteller at the top of his considerable form.
Kirkus Reviews
Life-threatening dangers loom around every turn, leaving the reader breathless ... An incredibly exciting and satisfying read.
Chattanooga Free Press
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05/01/2018 9781499860849 Paperback $16
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Set in the land of the ancient Pharaohs, the fan favourite ‘Ancient Egyptian’ series vividly describes ancient Egypt and has a cast of unforgettable characters.