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Storm Tide is out now

The landmark 50th novel from the Master of Adventure is out now.

Today marks the publication of the 50th novel written by the master of adventure, Wilbur Smith. Storm Tide is the first novel released posthumously, and it the first of the treasure trove of novels Wilbur Smith left behind. Further titles will be announced and released in due course. To celebrate publication, Niso Smith shares a message for Wilbur's fans and readers across the world.

Wilbur was very excited about Storm Tide, and eagerly anticipating his readers joining him in another journey of adventure, from bustling London to the Americas and his much loved South Africa, to continue the story of the Courtney bloodline in the lifespan of history.

I am very grateful for all the condolences sent across the oceans and continents. Reading how much Wilbur meant to all his readers and how his novels enriched lives. To even hear how some made family trips to Wilbur’s Africa. I feel like I shared my immense loss with you all. Thank you for your support. 

I hope you all enjoy Storm Tide and are excited for the books to come that Wilbur completed before his passing with the help of his co-authors.  He lived and breathed adventure and nothing was too uncontrollable or challenging for him to face in the game of being alive!

Niso Smith