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Call of the Raven postponed to autumn

Due to the global situation with Covid-19 and the effects this is having on supply chain, we will be delaying the publication of Call of the Raven in certain territories.

My dear readers,

Following a number of discussions with my publishers we have chosen to delay the publication of Call of the Raven in the UK, US and Canada, which is disappointing news for us as well as you. This is due to the worldwide COVID-19 virus situation and the impact we are all experiencing on our day to day lives.

At this point it is of paramount importance to support our retail partners and their priority to  protect their staff – with bookshops closing and supermarkets focussing on food, we came to the decision that Call of the Raven should be published later this year, in September. If you have already ordered your copy, you will still receive it but in September. 

I look forward to sharing this adventure with you then and, in the meantime, I wish each of you and your loved ones to be strong and safe.

With my utmost wishes from Cape Town,

Wilbur Smith