Book 3 in the The Jack Courtney Adventures

The third high-octane instalment in the Master of Adventures compelling Jack Courtney Adventures for readers aged 10+

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The third high-octane instalment in Wilbur Smith's compelling Jack Courtney Adventures for readers aged 10+, following Cloudburst and Thunderbolt.

On the pretext of making a film for his mother's environmental protection work, Jack wangles an expedition to the Arctic with his friends Amelia and Xander and cousin Caleb. But Xander's investigations into the mysterious backers funding their adventure raises Jack's suspicions. Is the renewable energy investment company really as environmentally responsible as it claims to be? While sledding with dogs, ice fishing, driving snowmobiles and sleeping in a self-made igloo, accidents beset them. Then disaster strikes when Caleb takes on a pack of wolves. Can Jack really trust his mother's friend Jonny Armfield to come to their help, or is he part of the problem?

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For younger readers aged 10+. Set in the modern day, The Jack Courtney Adventures follow 14-year old Jack Courtney and his friends Xander and Amelia on adventures across the world.