Desert God Film Deal

Anna Lena Films (“ZIDANE” producers Victorien Vaney and Anna Lena Vaney) along with Joni Sighvatsson’s Palomar pictures (“BROTHERS”, “KILLER ELITE”, “K-19: THE WIDOWMAKER”, “KALIFORNIA”) have acquired from Kevin Conroy Scott at Tibor Jones Management the film and TV rights of the Epic Ancient Egypt new novel, DESERT GOD, by bestselling author Wilbur Smith.

DESERT GOD, published by HarperCollins, has already hit Number One in the Bestseller lists in the United Kingdom, South Africa and Australia and debuted at Number Two in Canada. It will be published on October 21st in the United States by William Morrow, an imprint of HarperCollins.

The deal also includes Film and TV rights to RIVER GOD, THE SEVENTH SCROLL from the same series, and a first look option on WARLOCK, the three titles have sold approximately 15 million copies globally.

Victorien Vaney said, “As Stephen King rightly said, Wilbur Smith is the best historical novelist. Having control of the greatest series of books about Ancient Egypt is a great opportunity to use artful storytelling on an epic scale.”

Joni Sightvatsson said, “We are committed to Wilbur Smith and his considerable fan base. Wilbur’s international bestselling phenomenon series of books gives us a glimpse of an Egypt that would make the Borgias blush.”

Kevin Conroy Scott said, “Wilbur Smith has sold approximately 130 million copies of his books around the world to an adoring and loyal fanbase. They want a Wilbur Smith adaptation that will be faithful, but one that will also be smart. With those partners, we have the best shot at making those fans happy.”