My books have now sold over 130 million copies and are currently published in twenty-five languages across the world.

These days I watch my diet, exercise regularly and drink moderately. I am having too much fun to want to die any time soon. I feel fit, happy, optimistic and in love.

Niso is the perfect companion. She has made me feel young and vital again. In “The Triumph of the Sun” I wrote:

This book is for my helpmate, playmate, soulmate, wife and best friend, Mokhiniso Rakhimova Smith.

Which about says it all.

Together we have built a world that will allow my readers to enjoy my stories for years to come and will encourage the best of new adventure writing internationally. I have plenty more books in my head, clamouring to be written, and I have a creative ecosystem around me that will make this a reality. These are the very best of days.

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