Courtney family tree

This depicts the relationships between the principal characters in the later Courtney novels.

Saffron Benbrook

Daughter of David Benbrook, consul-general during the the siege of Khartoum in 1884, and twin sister to Amber.

Ryder Courtney

Brother of Waite. An adventurer and trader, orphaned early in life and later trapped up in the siege of Khartoum, under the orders of General Charles George Gordon.

Waite Courtney

An African pioneer and hunter, later to settle and become a prosperous cattle rancher. Father to Sean and Garrick, and brother to Ryder.

Alice Courtney

Wife to Waite, and mother of Sean and Garrick.

Sir Garrick Courtney, Sr

The twin of Sean. Courtney family ugly duckling. Slim, with the wrists and ankles of a girl, his wispy hair is an 'undecided' brown colour. He is freckled with pale blue eyes that are pink from persistent hay fever.

General Sean Courtney, Sr

The twin of Garrick. Physically different from his brother. As a teenager he is the taller by four inches, is twenty pounds heavier and is the senior in every sense of the word. He has black hair, blue eyes and is already losing his puppy fat. He is tanned and glows with vitality. When he leaves school he becomes an invaluable paid hand on the farm until the call-up to fight in the Zulu wars of 1879.

Anna Courtney Sr

Maiden name Anna van Essen, mother of Michael Courtney.

Leon Courtney

Son of Ryder. A former Second Lieutenant in The King’s African Rifles, he runs a prestigious safari company in East Africa.

Catrina le Roux

The wife of Sean, mother of Dirk Courtney, sister of Boer General Jan Paulus Leroux. With red-black hair and green eyes and a full serene line of her lips, Catrina is sixteen when she meets Sean. She is learning to speak English.

General Jan Paulus le Roux

Sean Courtney's brother in law, Catrina Leroux's brother. He meets Sean Courtney on the banks of the Limpopo, where he starts a dispute. In his party is his mother, father, his little sister Catrina and his wife Henrietta.

Dirk Courtney

Reckless, first (legitimate) son of Catrina and Sean Courtney, born in what is now Zimbabwe while his parents were hunting ivory. He is as spoiled as only a first born can be.

Ruth Friedman

Née Goldberg. Of Jewish decent, she is the wife of Sean's friend Saul Friedman, who was killed in the Boer war. She is the mother of Storm Friedman.

Saul Friedman

A friend of Sean and Ruth Goldberg's husband. He is killed in action in the Boer War.

Storm Courtney

The daughter of Sean and Ruth, conceived during a rainstorm. She becomes the wife of Mark Anders.

Mark Anders

The husband of Storm Courtney. A soldier and a game warden.

Michael Courtney

First son of Sean Courtney, and father of Shasa Courtney. He becomes a World War I pilot.

Centaine de Thiry Malcomess

The daughter of Count Louis de Thiry, and mother of Shasa Courtney and Manfred De La Rey. She travels through the desert with Bushmen, and becomes second wife of Blaine Malcomess.

Shasa Courtney

Centaine de Thiry's first son, with Michael Courtney. He is half-brother of Manfred De La Rey. A pilot during World War II, he becomes a member of parliament, minister, and ambassador.

Blaine Malcomess

Centaine de Thiry's second husband, father of Tara Malcomess. Member of Parliament.

Isabelle Malcomess

Blaine Malcomess's crippled wife, mother of Tara Malcomess.

Lothar de la Rey, Sr

Centaine de Thiry's lover and the father of Manfred De La Rey. He is a warrior, adventurer and a gun runner.

Manfred de la Rey

Centaine de Thiry's second son by Lothar Rey. He is half brother of Shasa Courtney. He became a boxing champion in the 1936 Olympics.

Heidi de la Rey

A German intelligence officer, the wife of Manfred Rey and mother of Lothar Jr.

Brigadier Lothar de la Rey, Jr

The son of Manfred Rey and Heidi Rey. He is a police and intelligence officer.

Tara Malcomess Courtney

The daughter of Blaine Malcomess, wife of Shasa Courtney, mother of Sean, Garrick, Michael, Isabelle and Benjamin Africa.

Moses Gama

A black leader and half brother of Swart Hendrik. He is the lover of Tara Malcomess and father of Benjamin Africa.

Benjamin Africa

The son of Tara Malcomess Courtney and Moses Gama, half-brother of Sean, Garrick, Michael and Isabelle.

Sean Courtney, Jr

The oldest son of Shasa and Tara. He is a veteran guerilla fighter, Ballantine Scouts Major, hunter and adventurer.

Garrick Courtney, Jr

The second son of Shasa and Tara. He is a businessman, pilot, and head of Courtney enterprises.

Michael Courtney, Jr

The youngest son of Shasa and Tara. He is a left wing journalist, and involved in political activity.

Isabelle Courtney, Jr

The daughter of Shasa and Tara, and mother of Nicholas Courtney de Santiago y Machado.

Marquese Ramon de Santiago y Machado

The 'Golden Fox'. He is a top Soviet agent, the KGB general in charge of Africa, and a highly professional assassin. He is the father of Nicholas Courtney de Santiago y Machado.

Nicholas Courtney de Santiago y Machado

The son of Isabelle Courtney and Marquese Ramon de Santiago y Machado.

This depicts the relationships between the principal characters in the later Courtney novels.