Diamond Hunters

2001, mini TV Series. Starring Roy Scheider, Alyssa Milano, Sean Patrick Flanery, Michael Easton, Jolene Blalock, Armin Rohde and Hannes Jaenicke.

The Seventh Scroll

1999, mini TV Series. Starring Wilfried Baasner, Jeff Fahey, Karina Lombard, Katrina Gibson, Phillip Rhys, Roy Scheider, László I. Kish, Art Malik and Jeffrey Licon. Also screened as Il Settimo Papiro in Italy

Wild Justice

1994, screenplay. Starring Nia Medi, Nicholas McGaughey, David Griffith, Dafydd Emyr, Patricia Millardet, Christine Pritchard and Trevor Selway. Also screened as Covert Assassin and Dial. Also a 1993 mini TV Series.

Mountain of Diamonds

1991, TV film. Starring Isabelle Gélinas, Derek de Lint, Jason Connery, John Savage, Jean-Pierre Cassel, Marina Vlady, Ernest Borgnine, Frank Finlay, Jenny Alpha, Marius Yelolo, Andrea Prodan and Lorenzo Flaherty. Also screened as Burning Shore (UK), Glühender Himmel (Germany), La Montagna dei diamanti (Italy) and La Montagne de diamants (France)

Shout at the Devil

1976, screenplay. Starring Lee Marvin, Roger Moore, Barbara Parkins, Ian Holm, Reinhard Kolldehoff, Horst Janson, Karl Michael Vogler and Gernot Endemann.

The Kingfisher Caper

1975. Also screened as Diamond Lust (Canada) and The Diamond Hunters (South Africa)


1974 (from the novel Gold Mine). Also screened as The Great Gold Conspiracy (USA)

The Last Lion

1972. Starring Jack Hawkins as Ryk Mannering, Karen Spies as 'Doctor' and Dawid Van Der Walt as David Land.

The Mercenaries

1968 (from the novel The Dark of the Sun). Also screened as Dark of the Sun (USA).

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